Guam Family Justice Center Alliance

We desire to offer our island community a kind-hearted, victim-centered home where victims, survivors and their children come first as they work through the helping process.

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The Guam Family Justice Center Alliance (GFJCA) is a non-profit organization who advocates for victims of domestic abuse and sexual assault. GFJCA is raising funds to establish a Family Justice Center (FJC) in Guam. The FJC provide comprehensive legal, emotional and critical supportive services for survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault, child abuse, at-risk adult abuse, elder abuse and human trafficking. The FJC will be a safe and caring environment that provides one-stop services and support.


GFJCA was recently endorsed by the Alliance for Hope International. The Alliance created a model that calls for efficient, and effective co-located multi-disciplinary service delivery for domestic violence and sexual assault survivors and their children. The Family Justice Center has been recognized as a best practice model by the US Department of Justice. There are currently more than 90 operational centers and over 100 developing centers in the United States and abroad. The Alliance was created to serve as a clearinghouse, research center, technical assistance provider, and national membership organization for all Family Justice Centers and similar multi-agency models in the United States. It's time Guam gets it's own Family Justice Center.

#GuamENOUGH #stoptheviolence #endthesilence


The Guam Family Justice Center will make it easier for victims to get the help they need, it will cut down on the amount of times a victim has to tell their story, and will improve accessibility of services and resources to victims and their families." Guam Family Justice Center Alliance President, Carina Fejerang