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"The Monique Baza Story" Concept Trailer

"The Monique Baza Story"

Project Objectives
Our goal in producing this docudrama

Share the inspiring story of Monique Baza and her fight to end violence against women on Guam.

Create awareness. Guam is currently going through a crisis.  The rate of “reported” sexual assaults against women is second highest in the nation, only second to that of Alaska.  We have yet to touch on the “unreported” sexual assaults.  Per capita, Guam ranks the highest in the nation!  These figures are startling.

Provoke Change.  We are confident this film will ignite a chord with our audience provoking positive action with the local community; creating a community that will become more cognizant of these acts against women. It is our hope that victims will take-in Monique’s story and find their own strength in coming forward and reporting their attackers.

 Official movie poster "The Monique Baza story"